Our Story

Imagine, Create, Inspire

“My mom’s and my energy together is what has created Creative Makers.”

“Creative Makers is particularly special to me because it is something my mom and I have started together. My mom has always inspired me, and I Inspired her. Creative Makers' soul is made up of Care, Uniqueness, Genuineness, Kindness, Love, and Joy. Every service and product we offer consists of all these values.”

We are the makers of our dreams.

“I have always loved observing my mom and admired her creations. She worked at an art atelier where she taught hands-on art activities to children. I was always by her side, watching and learning. So it all makes sense why we would create something like Creative Makers years later.”

“I always loved making beautiful things out of nothing; that was my passion growing up.”

“Growing up in Armenia, Yerevan, the most vivid parts of my life included having playgroups with my neighborhood and school friends. We always had a great bonding time while making things either with paper, embroidery floss threads, modeling clay, etc. These moments stayed in my memories until to date.”

We Love Our Creative Makers Family

As we grow bigger and expand in our brand ventures, one thing that stays constant is our relationship with our Customers. We Treat Our Customers Like Family.

We exist to create good in the world.
The purpose behind every product and service we create is to support the development of a whole child and create experiences that encourage, excite, and build confidence in children. We pack experiences that spark a child’s imagination, creativity, and curiosity and encourage a love of learning and stronger parent-child relationships.