Valentine Play Dough World Set

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Unlock boundless creativity and fun with our Valentine's Play Dough World Set! Gift an immersive world of love and endless creativity. Crafted to inspire little hearts, letting them create their own magical worlds filled with love and joy.

Valentine's Play Dough World Set comes in four beautiful colors: Red, Pink, White, and Purple. Each of our non-toxic dough is infused with strawberry, vanilla, lavender, and bubble gum scents. Each jar of dough offers an aromatic and tactile experience that sparks the imagination.

What's Included:

  • Heart-shaped wooden base for making and displaying their unique creations 
  • Each jar contains 4 ounces of sensory dough/ Total of 4 jars is 1 lb
  • Variety of decorations for endless creativity
  • Cotton drawstring bag to store all the decorations
  • Allergen: Wheat Flour